torsdag 7. november 2013

- Giving LEGO Minecraft a Shot -

Now that LEGO has decided to increase the scale of the LEGO Minecraft line from Micro to Minifig size, and so are asking fans for help, I couldn't resist putting together something.

These following concepts, illustrates how I would like to see a larger scale LEGO Minecraft line.

Without no further ado, I present to you, My LEGO Minecraft vision:

Thinking along the lines of the Micro scale sets, I feel the modular element should be kept, as it would allow you to expand the base and block count and build larger structures, this image features 4 "Basic Sets" combined, therefore the 4 Creepers.

This set idea is the very most basic one, as it is at 134 bricks, and includes the most iconic elements of the game:
- Steve
- Creeper
- Grass/Dirt blocks

I am aware of the fact that the Steve design is so to speak identical to the Steve design made by Nachapon S.
However, I just recently discovered it,  so we've basically had the same idea independently of each other.

I saw LEGO Minecraft's Creeper designs, and found them to be lacking decent articulation, that's why I took the liberty of creating Creeper designs with articulation in both feet and neck.

I do personally prefer the second from the right, as it to me holds most of the immediately recognizable features, more so than the others.
The blocks are only there for size comparison.

This is basically the structure of the set.
We have the base with holes for the modular connections.
16 tiles in brown for the Dirt Blocks
16 tiles in green for the Grass Blocks
And 16 blocks that can be either type depending on how you build it.

I know it's not the most practical solution, as you would have to replace the top tiles to get the grass tiles to be on top and the dirt tiles underneath each time you place new blocks.
So that need some work.

I just hope I can contribute one way or another.

- Ragaru

onsdag 6. februar 2013

- Final Set Design Direction -

Now, so close to the 10,000 supporter mark, I have been spending a countless amount of hours the past weeks trying to figure out how to make an ideal set design for the - Legend of Zelda Project -.

And believe me, it has been a tricky, repetitive and tedious process.
That due to the restrictions in piece count and set size LEGO CUUSOO operate a t(based on the CUUSOO sets so far at least).

So, the designs!
 First off is the larger more detailed version of a more or less ideal set design, more detailed than what a LEGO set would be.

I tried to include an ornamental pedestal for the Master Sword, as there currently doesn't exist any visually and practically solid solution to have a sword tip attached to a brick.

Then comes the reduced version, more LEGO friendly and less detailed.

Here you have a breakdown of the modular structure I based the set design upon. 
The left pillar is connected by a single stud so it can easily be "smashed" off it's base as a little action feature.
The small decorative statues are meant to be elements that Link can pull out to find hidden items, such as a Small Key, as seen on the left one, or other items such as Rupees, Fairies or Hearts.

Continuing, by the modular structure you can rearrange the sections to alter the construction slightly.

 And in addition I posed Link and the 2 enemies, trying to get a little Zelda feeling to it.

Link fighting a Stalfos in the Dungeon area.

Link carrying the Lantern, encountering a Deku Baba.

That's all for now, but I will have more to show eventually.

Take care!

- Ragaru